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September 15, 2012

Illinois Coal Plant Owner Wants Permission to Pollute Beyond Legal Limit

Ameren, one of the largest coal plant owners in Illinois, is requesting special treatment that would allow it to continue polluting beyond the legal standard ELPC helped pass in 2006. This summer, ELPC coordinated a sign-on letter for nearly 100physicians and scientists from across the state as well as additional public comments from ELPC eAdvocates to ask the state to deny Ameren’s request.
The company cut a deal with the state 6 years ago – an extension for complying with one part of the standard (mercury pollution) in exchange for a more aggressive schedule for reducing other pollutants (sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide). The state held up its end of the bargain, and now Ameren wants to walk away from its commitment. Other coal plant owners, such as Dynegy, have already invested in equipment to meet the state standards and say it is ‘challenging’ when one competitor seeks an exemption from rules others have agreed to.

Read an article from Midwest Energy News.

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