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August 25, 2009

Tell Congress: Strengthen Climate Bill

At the end of June, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a much-touted global warming bill called the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Tragically, the bill contains greenhouse gas reduction targets so low that it will give us a less-than 50-percent chance of avoiding runaway global warming. The Act relies on an untested and loophole-ridden future cap-and-trade system, while repealing many of the most effective Clean Air Act tools that can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions today.

The Senate is now considering its own version of the climate bill. If that bill is passed and reconciled with the House version, it becomes the law of the land. The political landscape is difficult. Polluting industries have colossal power and financial resources, and have used the process to achieve a long wishlist of handouts and exemptions. They have weakened the House bill item by item and day by day.

With the fate of the planet in the balance, we cannot allow this to happen in the Senate. We need a groundswell of support for real climate action like never before.

The battle in the Senate will be fast and furious, and we need your help. You can help: Tell your Senator to introduce a climate bill that sets scientifically based greenhouse gas reduction targets and maintains the ability of the Clean Air Act to preserve the lives and health of our children and fellow species.

Take action with me.

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