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September 9, 2012

How Much Food are YOU Wasting?

Did your mother ever use the line "there are starving children in Africa" to get you to clear your dinner plate as a child? While that may not have been the most effective tactic, her heart was in the right place. As a society, though, we haven’t exactly made our moms proud since then. A new NRDC report shows that in America up to 40 percent of all edible food is not eaten, which translates to about $28-$43 worth of food every month per person -- not to mention the staggering environmental costs of producing, packaging, and transporting food that gets discarded. Find out how you can lessen the burden on your own wallet.
To read more about food waste, check out Laura Wright Treadway's terrific OnEarth article, which was one of the first pieces to give the issue widespread attention and is still one of OnEarth's most popular columns. Read the article.

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