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September 17, 2012

Pick the 7 Endangered Wonders

Make your voice heard in a fun way and take part in a new initiative designed to bring increased attention – and ultimately protection – to some of the world’s most endangered animals.
The Alliance for Zero Extinction’s (AZE) new 7 Wonders campaign asks conservation-minded people like you to help select seven sites from around the globe to highlight the plight of species on the brink. The winning sites will be featured in a campaign to help conserve endangered species.
You can vote for your top sites from a list of 20. Each site is the last refuge on Earth for one or more endangered species. If any of these sites is lost to development, logging, agriculture, or other threat, the endangered species it harbors will go extinct. The 7 Wonders campaign highlights the precarious nature of these places and their species, and the urgent need to save them.
The 20 candidate sites were selected from among 587 sites around the world that were identified by scientists working with AZE. Voting will be open through November, and can be carried out at the campaign website: www.AZE7Wonders.org.

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