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September 21, 2012

Stop the Poaching

Ten billion dollars: That's just an estimate of how much criminals will make this year by selling illegal wildlife parts and products. The same gangs trading in drugs, arms and humans will plunder some of our most iconic species in the wild. They've already started.
Their billions come at the cost of rhinos, elephants, tigers and other rare wildlife. Their crimes also put at risk the lives of rangers and local community members on the front lines of conservation and jeopardize the economies and national security of many governments--including the United States.
We cannot afford to treat wildlife crime lightly.
This year it is estimated that:
•tens of thousands of elephants will be brutally poached, further shrinking their populations in places like Central Africa, an area where one out of every two elephants have been lost since the mid-1990s
•nearly 18,000 pounds of illicit rhino horn will reach Asian markets, where the street price rivals that of pure gold
•the remaining 3,200 wild tigers will continue to be relentlessly targeted by poachers to meet the high demand from a thriving black market.
Show your passion for wildlife by signing this pledge to stop wildlife crime.
Your personal commitment will help to underscore the seriousness of wildlife crime. It will also show that you care not only about Earth’s magnificent wildlife, but also about the people and ecosystems that benefit from them.
Together we can stop wildlife crime.

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