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April 16, 2010

WYCD #20 - Panda Pages

What You Can Do #20 - Panda Pages:

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) offers a way for anyone to create their own personal mini-website and take an active role in raising funds to help support WWF's conservation work.  Customize your page to mark a special occasion, honor a friend or loved one, or simply highlight your passion for protecting endangered species.  They call it "Panda Pages" because their logo is a panda, but you can make your page focus on whatever you want to support.

What you can do with Panda Pages:
  • Send emails to friends and family asking them to visit your page.
  • Raise money to help support WWF's conservation work.
  • Connet with members who are passionate about wildlife conservation.
  • Upload and share photos of your favorite animals and nature places.
  • Help protect endangered species and places around the world.
Don't have time to build your own page?  Find a friend's Panda Page or search for a cause in which you believe and make a gift in support of WWF.

Here's my Panda Page - called "Decline of the Tiger."  Stop by and sign the guest book.  And to show you're serious about habitat conservation, either create your own page in minutes, or make a contribution to the page you believe in.  All proceeds go directly to the WWF and their efforts for that cause.

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