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April 17, 2010

WYCD #17 - Adopt a Species

What You Can Do #17 - Adopt a Species.

One of the most adorable, and meaningful, gifts you can give to someone is a WWF Species Adoption.  There are 100 different species to choose from, all with an IUCN status from "vulnerable" to "critically endangered."  With so many to choose from there is guaranteed to be a favorite for everyone. 

Here's what you get:
  • For $25 and up - You will receive an adoption certificate, species information card and a photo.
  • For $50 and up - You will also receive a baby plush/stuffed animal of your adopted species and a gift bag specific for the occasion.
  • For $100 and up - Your adoption certificate and photo are framed.
  • For $250 - You receive two plush animals (parent + baby) or one very large plush of your adopted species. 
Of course this varies by species adoption. 

This gift is especially great for kids of all ages.  The information cards are very educational, and kids will generate a heart for conservationism now, which will then create a powerful force for our future.  The adoption certificate and photo will give them a sense of pride and ownership for their select species.  You'll be amazed at how closely they pay attention to anything involving their species, whether at school, on tv, or the internet.  And, of course, the plush is a "must have" (with a minimum $50).  You're sure to come off a winner with this gift in more ways than just saving the species.  When a child has a stuffed animal they know is a representative of an endangered species, they tend to take extra care of it.  It becomes a priceless and deeply cherished possession.

Now, Species Adoption isn't just for kids.  Many adults appreciate the value of this form of conservation effort.  Like me, for example.  I'm patiently waiting till Mother's Day for my tiger adoption, so I can add it to the others I already have. 

Don't know your special someone's favorite animal?  That's okay.  You can purchse a species adoption gift card for the same amount and let them decide.

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