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April 30, 2010

WYCD #10 - Know Your Carbon Footprint

What You Can Do #10 - Know Your Carbon Footprint.

Every choice you make contributes to the health of the planet, for better or worse.  Even a small reduction in your consumption of natural products can make the difference between what's lost and what's saved. 

To make responsible choices, you have to know about your impact.  Then you can start making positive changes in your lifestyle. 

It's easy to identify your personal - or your family's - carbon footprint.  There are many sites online that offer carbon calculations.  However, they aren't all the same.  Some are more detailed than others.  My recommendation is to choose several calculators, complete them, and then come up with an average personal CO2 emmissions.  But, if you only want to do one, go to the Nature Conservancy's website.  They're not only detailed but quick, easy, and they explain how your actions directly impact our planet. 

Once you know what you're doing to your environment, you'll know what you can do to change.

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