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April 20, 2010

WYCD #15 - Become an Everyday Environmentalist

What You Can Do #15 - Become an Everyday Environmentalist

Remember when "environmentalist" just meant... recycling?  Not anymore.  Today calls for a whole new level of green thinking.  And every personal, science-based choice you make now will greatly offset the damage being done to our planet which, in turn, will reverse the current trends in habitat loss

25 Ways to be an Everyday Environmentalist (or 25 ways to go green):
  1. Buy sustainable coffee
  2. Go vegetarian (or just eat more veggies and less meat).
  3. Use Earth-friendy hair and body products.
  4. Select only sustainable seafood (if you eat seafood).
  5. Buy local, and always buy organic.
  6. Go paperless.
  7. Buy used.
  8. Use wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  9. Clean with poison-free household products.
  10. Green your pets.
  11. Raise your own eggs... I mean chickens.
  12. Create backyard habitats.
  13. Garden with native plants.
  14. Run a car on vegetable oil.
  15. Don't litter & pick litter up.
  16. Don't hike with pests.
  17. Leave a "light" trail.
  18. Green your office.
  19. Carry non-plastic reusable water bottles.
  20. Leave your computer on?
  21. Take the stairs.
  22. Have virtual meetings.
  23. What you can't recycle, compost.
  24. Build a home for homeless bees.
  25. Get reel with your mower.


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