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September 18, 2012

Vote for Wildlife

Wildlife depend on us voting this November to elect a President and Congress who will address global warming--and defeat Big Polluters and special interests who are trying to roll back critical environmental laws.
A lot is at stake for wildlife in the coming elections. This summer's extreme droughts and heat waves caused by climate change set Western wildlife habitat ablaze; tar sands production threatens Canada's wolves as ancient boreal forests are destroyed; and conservation programs that protect the critically endangered Florida panther are under attack.

Voting is one of the most direct ways we can make a difference for wildlife whose survival hangs in the balance. That is why I am asking you to join in the ranks of wildlife advocates who are pledging to vote for wildlife.

Together, we can elect the best candidates to protect wildlife by voting for wildlife on November 6th.

If climate-deniers and anti-environmental candidates are given power in November, a hundred years of environmental protections could be destroyed, and along with it--our chance to protect panthers, polar bears, river otters and sea turtles from Big Polluters.

There are only 56 days left until the November 6th election. Now is the time to commit to vote for wildlife-friendly candidates, and stay informed on how candidates measure up on protecting wildlife habitat and fighting climate change.

Wildlife cannot vote, but you can.

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