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September 6, 2012

Greening our national pastime from Dodger Stadium to Fenway Park

The ideal of a day at the ballpark is etched deep in the American psyche. We close our eyes and we can see clear blue skies, fresh air, and long green expanses.

The games we love were born outdoors, and without clean air, clean water and a healthy climate, sports would be impossible. And as NRDC's new report, Game Changer: How the Sports Industry is Saving the Environment, makes clear, professional sports have made enormous strides toward a sustainable future.

Nobody has done more to launch the movement to green pro sports than Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. His leadership has led to energy efficiency, water conservation and less waste at ballparks, not to mention a greener All-Star Game. Most important of all, MLB sustainability efforts have shown millions of fans and businesses that smart energy, water and recycling practices make sense.

Today, Commissioner Selig will receive the Environmental Leadership Award at the Green Sports Alliance Summit Gala. The award recognizes the profound commitment Major League Baseball has made to sustainability under Selig's stewardship, including:            

·         Promoting energy efficiency audits and solar arrays at ballparks throughout the United States. 
·         Promoting water conservation at ballparks around the league.  
·         Promoting recycling and composting efforts.     
·         Educating millions of fans about the need for environmental stewardship.
Bringing such dramatic change to an institution like Major League Baseball takes extraordinary dedication, and Commissioner Selig deserves to be recognized for his committed leadership.

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