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September 15, 2012

“Test It Maybe” Video

Right now, our nation’s primary chemical law is the Toxic Substances Control Act, which has not been updated since it was passed in 1976. The law is badly broken, allowing the EPA to test only a few hundred of the over 84,000 chemicals on the market today. This means that most of the chemicals in our products — everything from the backpacks our children wear to the furniture in our houses — are not tested for their long term effects on our health and the environment.

To the tune of "Call Me Maybe," conservationists from a non-profit organization put this video together. OK, it's really quirky, but the message is clear. And by the end you might catch yourself smiling at how silly they are.

Rising rates of diseases like asthma, diabetes, childhood cancers, infertility, and learning and behavioral disorders have been linked to toxic chemical exposure. We need our government to protect our families from these chronic illnesses by requiring adequate testing of chemicals before they accumulate in our bodies and environment. The Safe Chemicals Act will ensure that the chemicals surrounding us every day are safe, but we’ll only be able to make it a reality if you speak out today.

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