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August 19, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Help Your Local Shelter

1. Go to school.
Dog school, that is. Grab a handful of tasty treats, find a suitable canine and get to class. Helping teach shelter dogs to sit, stay, walk calmly on a leash or shake paws will make them infinitely more adoptable.

2. Get your shelter online.
Can you give your community's homeless animals the "cybershelter" advantage? This is a wonderful way for teens who aren't old enough to become volunteers to get involved. They can take photos and write descriptions of the animals and help keep current the shelter's online list of available animals.

3. Ask your shelter to adopt ASPCA's Meet Your Match.
A program expertly designed to help adopters select the right pet for them. The program's Adopter Survey and Canine-ality, Puppy-ality, or Feline-ality Assessment and fun color-coding system fit together like the pieces of a puzzle, creating picture-perfect adoptions for shelter animals and their new owners.

Visit the ASPCA's website for the rest of the Top Ten Ways to Help Your Local Shelter.

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