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August 2, 2011

How to Get Off the Path to Destruction.

The science is in, and the basic facts are no longer disputable: global warming is happening, and it's happening because of us.  Human activities are transforming the Earth's atmosphere, and the result is a dangerous imbalance.  In the course of the coming century, global warming threatens to drive so many species extinct that we will no longer recognize the world we remember from our childhoods. 

The good news?  If we act fast, we still have a chance.  If we act fast, the polar bears - whose sea ice is melting beneath them - still have a chance; the great whales - who depend on a complex and delicately balanced food chain - still have a chance.  Our coastal cities still have a chance, too. 

More than any other single issue, the fight to stop global warming depends on swift and sure action: to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need to get greenhouse gas emissions down by more than 80% by 2050.  We need to be leading the charge to save species like polar bears and penguins that are already severely threatened by the effects of climate change.  We need to call for drastic changes in our nation's energy policies that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. 

But what will help us win the fight, ultimately, is the conviction and political will of Americans from all walks of life to make changes at home and to demand them from our nation's leaders. 


How you can do it:

Increasing our awareness of the greenhouse gas consequences of our energy use, travel, and food and other choices is the first step towards reducing our own emissions.  Use this simple tool to calculate your own emissions.

The average American generates approximately 24 tons of CO2 annually, but this number can be drastically reduced with simple changes, many of which will also save you money. 


Whether your particular Congressional representatives have expressed support for actions to combat global warming, or they've decided to ignore the problem or even to oppose solutions, it is critical they hear constantly from their constituents on this issue. 

Find your elected official here.

Personal letters sent by mail receive the most attention at Congressional offices.  You can select from the points below, but it is best to use your own words whenever possible. 

Suggested talking points:
  • Climate change is one of the most serious threats to society, the environment, and biodiversity. 
  • Serious government action is required to combat global climate change.
  • Because of our past actions, we have committed to continued warming over the next several decades, but we need you to pursue every option to reduce climate change.
  • I realize that the policies necessary to fight climate change will affect our daily lives and entire country, and I support those solutions. 
  • I am making changes in my daily life to take action to reduce global warning, but government action is necessary as well.
  • I urge you to pursue and support every opportunity to reduce global warming.
  • I support efforts to protect wildlife and biodiversity from the increasing threats of climate change.
The climate crisis threatens to devastate the diversity of life on Earth.  Scientist's warn that in just ten more years of continued greenhouse gas pollution trajectories may commit the planet to devastating warming, sea-level rise, and species extinction.  Greenhouse gas pollution reductions must begin immediately, and all sources must be addressed.

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