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May 13, 2010

WYCD #8 - Play Games For Good.

What You Can Do to help the world's habitats #8 - Play Games For Good.  (made for kids, but played by everyone)

There's a recently launched online gaming website out there called Xeko (pronounced "zeeko").  Xeko delivers engaging game play for kids that ignites imaginations and sends the next generations of heroes on an adventure to save the world.  The Xeko motto: Be a Force For Good!

My daughter discovered this game, and ever since, we've been hooked (that's right, both of us).  It's fun.  It's relaxing.  And, realizing that your gaming is making a difference in the real world, it's addicting.  Oh, and for the kids, it's educational (but don't tell them that).

How Xeko Started:

Xeko started out as a collectible card game revolving around endangered species. Launched on Earth Day 2006 it won the Creative Child Magazine 2006 Toy of the Year Award and The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval in its first year.

Xeko is now a Virtual World...
  • Where kids play online games that cause good to happen in the real world. 
  • Enables kids to learn how to give, how to be good citizens and how to turn their gaming actions into a real world of Good. 
  • Has created a new trend in gaming called "Gaming For Good."
  • Turns online gaming efforts into tangible offline results through non-profit partners and "Mirrored Gaming."

Mirrored Gaming:

Kids + Online Gaming + Nonprofit = Do GOOD in real world.
  • Xeko partners with non-profits to promote causes through online games called "GoodQuests."
  • By meeting a collective goal in game, kids activate the donation to the non-profit.
  • Mirrored Gaming engages, entertains and rewards kids for making an impact in the real world by immersing them in the needs of real people, animals and the Earth. 
  • Kids feel the empowerment and become inspired to see the results and help change our world. 

How kids have helped others through Mirrored Gaming:
  • Built 8 homes for 8 families in Honduras.  (Habitat for Humanity)
  • Repaired 6 boats to protect sharks and other wildlife from poachers.  (WildAid)
  • Planted 2000 trees in Niger.  (PlantIt 2020)
  • Helping scientists track polar bear migration in the Arctic. (Polar Bear International)
  • Fed 100 under-served families healthy produce in Sacramento.  (Fresh Producers)
  • Adopted a panda from an earthquake-affected area in China.  (Pandas International)
  • Built one camp in Uganda for kids living with HIV.  (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation)
  • Sending a chronically ill family to a Disney vacation.  (Bert's Big Adventure)
...and the list continues to grow!

Join Xeko now, and Be a Force For Good.

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