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May 28, 2010

WYCD #6 - Become an Ambassador

What You Can Do for the world's habitat's #6 - Become an EcoLogic Ambassador. 

What is EcoLogic?

EcoLogic is a non profit agency that works with poor, rural communities to help them become better environmental stewards in order to save their forests and water and improve their living conditions.  They put local people in charge of projects, providing them with the tools they need to sustainably manage their natural resources.  EcoLogic currently operates in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama.

How do I become an Ambassador?

EcoLogic Ambassadors support the organization by making a personal contribution and reaching out to their networks on EcoLogic's behalf.  By hosting a house party, organizing a giving drive, bringing awareness to local schools, town associations, or club chapters, Ambassadors are active members of the outreach effort.  Their efforts provide crucial core operating support and help build awareness in the broader community. 

When you sign up you will receive The Ambassador Toolkit that has been custom designed to make meeting your pledge fun and easy.  For example, it contains excellent advice on planning house parties or small events with a timeline to walk you through the planning process step by step.  And when you host your event, EcoLogic will supply you with slide show presentation, EcoLogic newsletters, annual reports, postcards, and donation envelopes.  You can even have business cards printed with your name and title as an Ambassador.

EcoLogic gets results.

In Belize
  • 42,018 acres of coastal wetlands and mangrove forests protected.
  • Landmark legal victory achieved for indigenous lands rights for communities buffering the park.
  • Five village resource centers built that offer eco-friendly tourism activities coordinated by locals.
  • Two river campsites built to further river-based ecotourism development.
  • more...
In Guatemala
  • 355,780 acres of forest conserved.
  • 90,000 trees planted using a new, more effecient reforestation technology.
  • 182 clean burning stoves built.
  • more...
In Honduras
  • 444,790 acres of coastal wilderness under sustainable management or protection.
  • 5,000 trees planted in community managed lands.
  • 62 communities now involved in microwatershed protection work, covering 16 microwatersheds.
  • more...
In Mexico
  • 617,763 acres of forest under community management or protection.
  • 500 community members trained in watershed protection.
  • Communities organized to support fire prevention activities.
Learn more about becoming an EcoLogic Ambassador.

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