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March 19, 2010

Water on the Go.

When you're thirsty, water is always a healthy choice.  But if you drink your water from disposable plastic bottles, your healthy habit could be hurting your efforts to reduce waste.  Instead of grabbling a new bottle of water when you head out the door, fill up a reusable water bottle.  But be careful what reusable bottle you use.  Over time, a reusable plastic sports bottle will contaminate your water with dangerous chemicals.  And even aluminum isn't always safe (sorry SIGG).  Your safest bet is to put your inexpensive, filtered, tap water into a stainless steel bottle.  It's the safest, keeps your water colder longer, eliminates the amount of energy that is used to make the bottles you will no longer be buying, and, you won't be throwing away any more plastic waste that clogs our ecosystem.  What a refreshing way to go-green. 

This diagram shows all that happens with every single water bottle you buy:

photo courtesy of back2tap.

In case you don't fully grasp the intensity of our plastic waste problem, you have to read this!!!...

Fate can take strange forms, and so perhaps it does not seem unusual that Captain Charles Moore found his life's purpose in a nightmare.  Unfortunately, he was awake at the time, and 800 miles north of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. 
It happened on August 3, 1997, a lovely day, at least in the beginning: Sunny, little wind.  Water the color of sapphires.  Moore and the crew of Alguita, his 50-foot aluminum-hulled catamaran, sliced throught he sea. 
Returning to Southern California from Hawaii after a sailing race, Moore had altered Alguita's course, veering slightly north.  He had the time and the curiosity to try a new route, one that would lead... continue reading.

When I originally read this story my passion for our natural world flared.  I was appalled at what we had already done.  Is it too late to make a difference?  No.  And I will do my part in protecting what's left of the purity of nature... and help that purity grow.  If you didn't continue reading the above story, do yourself (and your planet) a favor and read it.  Knowledge is power; and knowing what you're up against will give you the power and motivation to help make a difference.  Tell me what you thought of the story. 

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