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March 3, 2010

On the Road Again

Sometimes getting where you need to go doesn't have to mean buckling up. 

Cars help us get where we need to go fast!  But sometimes there are better ways to get where you are going. 
For short trips, you might be able to walk or ride your bike.  Not only will you be saving gasoline, you'll be reducing pollution, too.  And for an extra bonus, you'll get some exercise on the way. 
For longer trips, you will probably need some gasoline - but you can still go green.  Carpooling is an easy way to use less fuel.  More people in the car means fewer cars on the road.  And you can join a really big carpool when you ride the bus or subway.  Check with your local metro transit; some buses are now running on clean energy. 

How does saving gasoline help the environment?

Motor vehicles are responsible for over a quarter of annual emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary global-warming gas.  Too much CO2 in the air weakens the ozone layer which is supposed to protect us from too many infrared rays from the sun.  Infrared rays are necessary for life on Earth, but too many heats up the planet.  This gradual increase in the Earth's average annual temperature causes things like certain vegetation to die off and the ice caps to melt.  This in turn causes habitat loss for some wildlife resulting in their eventual extinction. 

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