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October 12, 2009

Why We Don't Eat Meat.

Making the connection between what we consume and how it affects the world around us is perhaps the greatest discovery that you can make (or help someone make, if you're already a vegetarian). 

Connection #1: Environment -
  • Animal agriculture creates more methane and nitrous oxide omissions than any other industry in the world. 
  • If every American exchanged one meal of chicken per week for vegetarian foods, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off of U.S. roads. 
  • Raising animals for food is the greatest contributor to deforestation and generates a catastrophic amount of land and water pollution. 
Connection #2: Cruelty to Animals -
  • The industry brutally slaughters over 10 billion farm animals each year for something that isn't good for the planet or necessary for our health. 

Connection #3: Your Health -

  • Your acne will disappear almost overnight.

  • Your eyes will be brighter.

  • Your body will feel stronger.

  • And you will just generally feel good, really good.

  • Not to mention you will lose weight.

Nobody wants to be unhealthy or raise children in a polluted world.  Most people would not knowingly choose cruelty over kindness.  By becoming a vegetarian you have the power to make positive change simply by eating in a different way. 

To help you in your journey to becoming a vegetarian the Veg Starter Kit is available for you to order; brought to you by Mercy For Animals.  And it's FREE!  However, if you want to start slow, you can check out Meatout Mondays, a weekly newsletter dedicated to helping you to "kick the meat habit."

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