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October 20, 2009

Best Energy Site For Kids.

In order to get your kids to help you with saving energy around the house, they need to know what to do and why.  I've searched all the "saving energy" sites out there for kids, and Energy Star Kids was the best.  Here's what it has to offer:
  1. "Your Planet Needs You" game.  After playing this game they will know a.) what energy is; b.) where it comes from; c.) what the different types are; d.) what could happen; e.) why we save energy; f.) and how they can help in their own room.  This section also features the "Quickest Ever Slide Show on Global Warming," which is very to the point. 
  2. "You Can Make Big Changes" activity.  This is a map of the typical child's room, say, maybe, ages 8-18.  It's full of electronics among other things.  You click on an area in the room and it shows you how to be more efficient with that specific device/area. 
  3. "Meet The Energy Stars."  This section is just cute.  It personifies energy saving appliances.  Each Energy Star appliance tells you their name, where they're from, and what their mission in life is. 
  4. "Word Bank."  Of course, since this site is educational, too, it comes complete with a dictionary of energy/global warming related vocabulary. 
  5. "Fun Facts."  This section gives good-to-know information that even most parents don't know about.  I personally thought some of this was pretty interesting. 
  6. "Parents and Teachers" resources and involvement.  For the classroom there are lesson plans, games and activities.  There are ways to show your school's partnership and participation.  For parents there are campaigns and pledges for you and the kids. 
  7. "The Lorax" activity.  This particular activity is just okay.  However, for those of you familiar with Dr. Seuss (who isn't?) you'll know that after reading his book, the Lorax, that he was well ahead of his time.  You must check out the "Lorax Project."  Students in schools everywhere are using this book - even high schools and colleges. 
Now that you know how to help your kids help you and the planet, there's no time like the present to show them.  Check out Energy Star Kids for yourself first if you want.  You'll be happy with it.  Your kids will walk away knowing more, and so will you. 

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