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September 14, 2009

Fiji Organic Project

The Fiji Organic Project is a project of Earth Island Institute.  Their mission is to "promote sustainable agriculture particularly in the sugar cane industry, to strengthen the Fiji economy, while at the same time preserving Fiji's unique natural environment and ensuring the health of Fiji's farmers and citizens."
Their goals:
  • To assist Fijian sugar cane farmers in the transition to organic production methods.
  • To make Fiji a leading global competitor in the burgeoning organic foods market.
  • To build capacity amongst Fijian students, farmers, educators and professionals, and promote self reliance in development projects.
  • To create a productive and self-sustaining business venture with the Fiji Sugar Corporation.
They are set out to accomplish these goals in 3 phases.  However, they need your help to get the first one going. 
Do you know of a foundation or organization who may be interested in this project? 
Do you have fund raising ideas?
Visit the Fiji Organic Project for more details.
Surrounded by some of the most spectacular coral reef ecosystems in the world, Fiji's unique natural environment will be destroyed if the harmful agricultural practices are not changed.
Support the Fiji Organic Project.


  1. Very cool. As far as ideas for them, I know I'd be interested in seeing video of the Fijian farms, and see farmers talk about going organic. People might be inspired to donate after they feel more of a personal connection to the work that's going on... Maybe kiva.org could feature the project, too.

  2. Thank you Kirsten. I appreciate it. I'll check it out and let them know asap.



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