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August 20, 2009

Just a Buck, Change Their Luck t-shirt

Donate to PetSmart Charities and receive this organic cotton t-shirt.

Spay and Neuter Initiatives.

PetSmart Charities partners with animal welfare agencies across the U.S. and Canada to support their efforts to end pet overpopulation. Although adoptions are a critical part or the solution, this problem cannot be solved by adoptions alone. Addressing the root cause of too many unwanted pets will require systemic change.

Each year 6-8 million homeless pets enter animal shelters, and 3-4 million of those are euthanized due to lack of available space. This epidemic inflow of unwanted pets strains shelter resources, threatens public safety, and costs taxpayers millions each year.

One dog or cat can have up to 20 offspring per year. These unwanted pets enter shelters and are likely to be killed as well as cause the death of other pets because there just isn't enough space to hold them all.

Spay and neuter saves lives. It's that simple.

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