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March 30, 2013

The Kayapo: Our River has no Price

On March 5th, chiefs from 26 Kayapo communities located principally east of the Xingu River in Para and represented by their NGO "Protected Forest Association" resolved not to accept any money from Eletrobras.

"Your word means nothing. Our conversation is over. The Xingu is our home and you are not welcome" 

This rejection is a great step towards the protection of the Kayapo lands and their water source, the Xingu River. There is still work to be done. Kayapo Indigenous leaders must meet to develop united strategy for protecting their forests from escalating threat in the Brazilian Amazon.  A historic meeting of all Kayapo leaders young and old is being organized. Kayapo lands are so large that many of their communities can be reached only by small plane.

The Kayapo have achieved more for preservation of tropical forest than any other group or organization on earth.

Learn more about the Kayapo Project.

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