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August 30, 2012

The Most Amazing Humpback Whale Photo You’ve Ever Seen!

Photo: Bill Bouton

(Surfrider Foundation) - A photographer driving along the coast in California pulled over and managed to capture some unbelievable shots of a humpback whale rising from the water as stunned spectators looked on just a few feet away. Retiree Bill Bouton was driving in San Luis Obispo, California on Saturday when he glanced over at the coast to see a group of the massive mammals feeding in the shallow waters, which has been occurring occasionally in the area over the past few days. The 69-year-old managed to pull his car over and set up his camera tripod near the water’s edge to capture breathtaking snapshots of the event. Boaters and kayakers in the waters had cameras of their own poised to take pictures, fearlessly advancing toward the hungry animals, which measure from 39–52 ft in length with an average weight of around 79,000 lbs.

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