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July 8, 2011

The EPA Needs to Hear from You About Mercury

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a rule that would significalntly reduce mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants.  We need to send a signal to the EPA that we support its new rule. 

Exposure to mercury can cause birth defects, neurological damage and countless other health and environmental problems.  If implemented, these new standards would prevent 17,000 deaths and 12,000 hospital visits each year.  That's why it's so important that we make our voices heard and stand up in support of the EPA's efforts. 

These same coal-fired power plants that pollute our air with mercury are polluting our atmosphere with millions upon millions of tons of carbon pollution, leading to dangerous changes in our climate. 

We need to make it clear that we want to take back our air and our health from the big polluters who poison it every day. 

Comments are constantly being accepted by the EPA, and the rule won't be finalized until November 2011.  The time is NOW to stand up for our health and shared future. 

Will you join me in telling the EPA to protect our health and our environment from the mercury pollution that comes from burning coal?  Join me and send a comment to the EPA today:


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