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May 21, 2013

Koch Brothers to Attack Democracy

After spending millions distorting the truth about climate change, buying elections and using the tea party as a political tool, the Koch Brothers are preparing for their next big move: Purchasing the Tribune Company, which runs newspapers across the country.

Over the past decade, the Koch Brothers have funded an army of shadowy organizations and pseudoscientists to drag climate science though the mud. While 97% of scientists agree climate change is real and we are causing it, the Koch brothers have used their billions to fund scientists from the other 3%.

Imagine the havoc they could wreak on public opinion regarding environmental, labor and social issues if they controlled the papers they are after.

This fight against the Koch brothers goes beyond the Tribune Company’s newspapers. To end Arctic drilling, coal mining, overfishing and deforestation, we need journalism that isn’t distorted by corporate power.

And it’s not just about public opinion. It’s about democracy. When people are purposefully misled it undermines the conditions necessary for a healthy democracy to exist.

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