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March 19, 2013

Removing Dams to Restore Rivers

From Amethyst Brook, MA to Wychus Creek, OR, communities in 19 states restored 400 miles of rivers and streams by removing 65 outdated or unsafe dams in 2012. The annual list, put out by American Rivers, brings the total of U.S. dam removals up to almost 1,100. There are hundreds of thousands of dams blocking rivers across the U.S. - many serve useful purposes, others are obsolete or abandoned. These outdated dams are barriers to migrating fish and limit river recreation opportunities like canoeing and fishing. Dams can also create drowning hazards and can threaten the safety of downstream communities. Removal of the deteriorating dams will restore river health and clean water, revitalize fish and wildlife, improve public safety and enhance local economies. 

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