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October 30, 2011

Snow in October! Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Snowfall on Autumn Street.

My big red oak in my backyard isn't finished turning colors, yet we had big wet snow flakes falling.  The entire northeast U.S. yesterday was hit by a freak fall snowstorm.  My area, at least, normally isn't due to see our first snowfall for another 4-6 weeks.  The forecasters said it was going to happen, but I didn't believe them (after all they have been wrong before).  Then the snow came. 

The whole world lately has been seeing extreme weather more and more often.  No matter where you live you can't deny it.  Climate change is real.  Scientists have long predicted that climate change would bring about more violent weather, from droughts to ferocious storms.  Now we are learning precisely what that violent weather feels like. 

I was sent these comical (and very real) postcards of cities all over the U.S. representing the effects of climate change.  Check them out and use one - or all - to send to someone who needs more convincing:

Hurricanes and global warming:  Higher sea surface temperatures fuel storms.  Scientists warn that climate change will increase the frequency of the most intense hurricanes.

Blizzards and global warming:  Warmer air holds more water vapor, setting the stage for monster snowstorms when the warm, moist air meets a cold front.

Flooding and global warming:  Warmer air holds more moisture - and then releases more precipitation.  Intense rainfalls swell rivers dangerously.

Drought and global warming:  Scientists warn that our warming climate will leave the American southwest locked in permanent drought within 40 years.

Wildfires and global warming:  In drier regions, extended periods of hotter temperatures and lower rainfall are key to factors causing wildfires.

Send one of these postcards to your friends, and help break through the denial.

Tell them that they can help by standing with us as we work to cut pollution, and show why it's so important to fight climate change.

"Postcards from the Edge" courtesy of Environmental Defense Fund.


  1. The problem is Amanda people think global warming = heat, but scientific consensus is unpredictability in weather systems. Which means weather as you are suffering now out of season.

    Even here in the UK we have a disparity in rainfall. Here in the Western part of the UK on the Atlantic seaboard, we get plenty of rain. Over in the Eastern region of England they are still in virtual drought conditions.

    It can only get worse I'm afraid.

  2. A few people I know had mocked last season's record-setting blizzard with "Look! It's Global Warming!" To your point, unfortunately, those that are uninformed share the same sarcasm.

    Thanks Neil.



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