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May 11, 2011

One Year Later and Congress Has Learned Nothing

Instead of making it harder for oil companies like Shell to drill in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, The House of Representatives just voted to make it easier.  If this legislation becomes law, the oil industry will be even less regulated now than it was a year ago before the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. 

And to make matters worse, Shell already gets millions in subsidies every year from the U.S. government.  In fact, last year Shell paid effectively no taxes at all to the U.S. government.  Congress is giving them more incentive to take unacceptable risks with our national treasures.  It's time to put an end to this dangerous game.  We have a chance to do just that. 

As soon as tomorrow, Congress will be voting on a bill that would cut billions of dollars worth of subsidies to oil companies like Shell.  But the industry and their friends in Washington are currently doing everything they can to stop that from happening.  That's why you need to speak up and send a message to your members of Congress. 

Congress needs to hear your voice.  Ask your members of Congress to put an end to government subsidies to the oil industry now. 

Shell just submitted plans to drill up to ten new wells in Alaska's Arctic Ocean over the next two years using the same faulty tecnology that BP uses in the Gulf.  But Shell's plans in the shallow waters of the Arctic are even more dangerous than BP's are in the Gulf and run a higher risk of blowouts, according to government data. 

Shell isn't prepared for a disaster in the Arctic Ocean.  No one is.  It's a known fact that there is no way to effectively clean up an oil spill in the Arctic's harsh conditions.  All they care about is their corporate bottom line. 

Congress should be fighting for you.  It's your money, and it's our land.  The vote could be happening as soon as tomorrow.  Contact your members of Congress today and ask them to put an end to government subsidies to the oil industry before it's too late. 

(content - Melanie Duchin, Greenpeace Arctic Campaigner)

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