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February 22, 2010

Bird Feeding Leads to Bird Conservation

According to the National Bird Feeding Society, "Bird feeding is the second most popular hobby," and, "over 55 million people over the age of 16 watch or feed wild birds or other wildlife around their homes."

It's an entertaining, educational, and enjoyable pasttime for both children and adults.  Bird feeding brings some of natures most beautiful sights and sounds right outside your window.  And, you'll gain a general appreciation for our natural world. 

Bird feeding leads to bird conservation which is critical to the richness and diversity of the planet we share with more than 10,000 species of birds. 

Three reason why bird conservation is so important to our ecology:
  1. Distribution of seeds that leads to forest conservation.
  2. Food sources for bird predators.
  3. Insect and rodent population control.
For complete resources on bird feeding visit the National Bird Feeding Society.

For complete resources on bird conservation visit the American Bird Conservancy.

For the most updated "watchlist" (a list of bird species currently in decline and in most need of attention) visit the National Audubon Society.  There is also a site called Birds to Help which covers which species you can help with just backyard (or patio/balcony) bird feeding based on where you live and whether its urban, suburban, or rural.  They also tell you how to feed your selected bird and enable you to download a pdf file all about them. 

So, break out your new bird feeder, bird seeds, and binoculars, and enjoy the knowledge that you are doing something that's not only relaxing, but important.  You'll be creating a more beautiful natural world.

Everything you ever wanted to know about bird feeding and how to do it.

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