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July 30, 2009

Great (and unique) Vacation Idea

This is not your average family vacation. It is, however, one of the most rewarding ones you'll ever have. The American Hiking Society has put together a series of Volunteer Vacations. This event is a series of week long vacations that is hosted every week from May through November. They are a series of trail stewardship projects in exciting and diverse locations around the country. From the pristine beaches of the Pacific Northwest to the towering Rocky Mountains, from the glorious Great Lakes to the Southeast wetlands, you choose your adventure!

Trips involve backpacking or day hiking, and accomodations range from primitive camp sites to bunk houses or cabins. You will meet great people, experience amazing outdoor locations, and give back to your environment.

Why Volunteer?
Enjoy the fun and excitement of making new friends, sharing laughter over dinner and telling stories around the campfire. Experience the camraderie and sense of accomplishment after building a bridge or restoring a neglected trail.
Connect with the land, observe nature up close, and you'll become an educated, passionate voice for preserving and protecting our trails and natural areas.

Who Volunteers?
People interseted in an amazing, affordable adventure.
Outdoor lovers looking for new, like-minded friends.
Families, friends and couples; Singles and retirees; College students.
People who want to experience new beautiful parts of the country and give back to the environment.

People ranging from age 18-82. They offer family friendly trips!
Your humble Apple Guargian blogger will be away for one of these trips next week, and I'm not bringing any electronics. That means there will be a week-long gap in my posts. I encourage you to really think about finding a trip that is right for you. (Remember, they last through November and start up again in May). And when you go, I'm positive you will never regret it.

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